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start working

Important: Coffee. My legal drug to be creative. A mac. A keyboard. A (computer)mouse. And the most important thing: a pen tablet. Because to draw with a computer mouse is like drawing with a piece of soap. To get the ideas out of my head into my computer - I use Adobe Flash. Afterwards I use photoshop - if I want to "pimp" my pictures. So, if I have ideas and enough time, I develop things like "Lukah and the pirates" Sometimes.

Lukah and the pirates

2003 I wanted to draw something more than graphics for Websites. So I started to draw a book for children. It was a pleasure to draw exactly what I want. Within one year I finished the book. It's named "Lukah and the pirates" It's a story about the little Lukah and her grandfather. They experience an unbelievable adventure on the pirates secret island. Calm down - these pirates does not come from Somalia and they are harmless. But it's not only a children's book, in the book you'll find a lot of "pirate" baking prescriptions. Easy to bake. Even for kids.
The book is available (only in german, sorry) here and here you can see some pictures:

What else...

multicolored drawings, Websites, stuff. Maybe another book for children?
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